Sound NDT Solutions is a recognized industry leader in advanced ultrasonic testing methods and specialty applications. When our clients have challenging inspection applications, including complex component configurations, exotic materials, difficult to inspect weld materials and geometries, or if radiography is simply not a desirable option, we can offer solutions that other NDT companies cannot.

In addition, Sound NDT Solutions is recognized throughout the NDT industry as the “go to” solutions provider of automated and remotely operated scanning applications, utilizing cutting-edge robotic and automation technologies integrated with advanced ultrasonic testing techniques, including Phased Array, TOFD, Dual Matrix Array techniques, and FMC/TFM methods.

We work closely with client welding and materials engineers to develop inspection and test plans (ITPs), procedures, and scan plans that meet demanding industry code standards. We also collaborate to ensure a complete component inspection to regulatory and code compliance. Our highly trained and competency-tested NDT specialists are versatile and certified in multiple methods to deliver high quality and cost-effective examinations to our customers: whether at our clients’ job sites or via our fully equipped in-house NDT lab.

Our shared campus with our partner company Top Notch EDM Services allows us to offer precision machining and welding services onsite giving us the unique ability to integrate the production and use of custom welded flaw samples, calibration standards, performance demonstration blocks, and component mockups into our comprehensive ultrasonic testing programs.