Innovation has been key to the success of Sound NDT Solutions and Top Notch EDM Services since their inception in 2014. From developing custom, turnkey automated UT scanning solutions for one-off project applications, to engineering and manufacturing our own EDM machining systems, we strive to be on the cutting edge of our industry, leveraging the latest technologies with our own specialized knowledge and industry experience to provide cutting edge, value-added inspection solutions for our clients.

From our shared campus with sister company Top Notch EDM Services in Conroe, Texas, SNS offers a comprehensive range of expert NDT consulting services and advanced technology-based inspection solutions to meet our clients’ most demanding project requirements. We deliver a one-stop-shop solution for our clients, ensuring that every detail is addressed through a consistent, single point of contact with the support of our team of experienced subject matter experts.


Data Modeling and Simulations
Screen shot of ZETEC modeling

Our advanced technology 3D imaging capabilities allow us to simulate, design, and implement optimized ultrasonic testing solutions for complex applications. Utilizing sophisticated ultrasonic data acquisition and analysis software package UltraVision 3, we define and simulate key testing parameters in three dimensions to ensure successful implementation of the complete examination process:

  • Rapid Inspection Technique Development 
  • Optimized Data Acquisition Process 
  • Enhanced Data Analysis Capabilities 
  • Comprehensive Reporting Functions

Specific applications and benefits include:

  • Modeling complex geometry and custom components
  • Heavy wall, dissimilar metal welds, and exotic alloys applications
  • Visualization of expected examination results
  • 3D laser imaging of materials for precision defect and weld replications
  • Verification and validation of advanced UT techniques including AUT, PAUT, TOFD, TFM/FMC
  • Use of software tools to optimize sensor and scanner design for engineered UT applications
  • Eliminating the need for expensive mock-ups
Automated/Robotic Inspection Solutions and System Integration
Scanning a pipe

Sound NDT Solutions’ SMEs are recognized industry leaders in the field of automated ultrasonic testing (AUT) systems and services. Leveraging in-depth NDT technical expertise and knowledge of the latest automated and robotic technologies and applications, we work seamlessly with our sister company Top Notch EDM Services to provide integrated automated inspection packages and products, including the engineering, design, and manufacture of AUT scanner components and accessories and code compliant calibration standards and qualification blocks built specifically for automated and robotic inspection applications. We work closely with most advanced ultrasonic testing technology and automation manufacturers to provide seamless AUT system integration services.

As requirements for robotic inspections become more prevalent and demanding in our industry, so does the need for AUT subject matter expertise and cutting-edge technologies. SNS is uniquely positioned to support end client owner-operators as well as NDT service providers who wish to develop AUT capabilities to add to their in-house inspection programs and/or advanced NDT field services portfolios.